Design Talks 2024

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DAY 1 - Topics

  • The impact of interior design on the contemporary construction market
  • Generative Floorplans Using AI
  • AI serving Omani Graphic Designers
  • Landscape Design
  • Urban Planniong, Architecture & Technology
  • Social media and content creation for interior designers
  • Interior Design with Artificial Intelligence & intro to DrawHouse.Ai Platform

DAY 2 - Topics

  • Oman Design Association Panel DiscUssion Design Academic Programs/ Graduates and Market Needs (Open Discussion)
  • Highly efficient buildings and designs
  • The Interior Design and Methods of Exhibit Display at the Oman Across Ages Museum

DAY 3 - Topics

  • Furniture and creativity in Interior Design
  • Futuristic visual identity of Omani Cities
  • Youth, The Future... Design Sociology: Experimental Context
  • Construction Quality ... Achieving Excellence
  • The role of consulting offices in achieving quality
  • Miniaturization - A change of scale but not in performance
  • How we can connect directly to the brain of our customers