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Be the first to know about what the industry is talking about. Listen to design experts share their professional opinion about trending topics and discuss ideas with other industry professionals.

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DAY 1 - Topics

  • The direct relationship between Interiors & Our Health
  • OSE role in qualifying engineers for practive in Oman
  • Hosting Hama Design: New Graduate Architects & Market Fitness
  • How eBinaa brings the Best People in Design & Construction
  • Italian Echoes - Lights well-being of people and the environment
  • Designing Spaces for People by Experts
  • The Affect of Colors on People

DAY 2 - Topics

  • Virtual Reality in Design Services
  • Designing with Al: Showcasing the Future of Architecture
  • Bilarab Architect winner: Al in Architecture and Interiors Desian
  • eBinaa Technologies for Design & Construction of our home
  • 3D Printing from Oman, Leading in the world
  • Bridge

DAY 3 - Topics

  • Landscape Architecture importance and standards in Oman
  • Standards in Classical Architectural and Interior Designs
  • MOHUP: Desian Guidelines and Intended
  • How eBinaa sets the standard for vour Home?
  • How to achieve high standards in project design and construction?
  • How Consutlants and Contractor can desian for precast walls?
  • Sustainable Standards in Design & Construction