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Be the first to know about what the industry is talking about. Listen to design experts share their professional opinion about trending topics and discuss ideas with other industry professionals.

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DAY 1 - Topics

  • Teamwork in Design with Bilarab Architectural Award Winners
  • Future of Construction in Oman
  • Planning your home needs with an Architect
  • Designing a home for you with an Interior Designer
  • Incorporating Wood Elements in Interior Design
  • Collaboration in Architectural Design

DAY 2 - Topics

  • Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning Message
  • Smart Homes in Smart Cities
  • Oman Society of Engineers Making a Difference
  • Precast in Oman: Better & Faster Construction
  • Case Study: Lighting Project in Oman
  • Lighting Innovation for people

DAY 3 - Topics

  • Budget & Planning for Successful Construction
  • Build Trust with vour Contractor
  • The Right Material Specifications
  • Importance of Construction Contracts
  • Fire Protection of your Home
  • Building Materials